'Animus', a latin word that means both 'spirit' and 'mind', is a project that deals with the concept of identity. There is something about sharing personal experiences that seems to bring people closer somehow: we share secrets and thoughts with others when we want to feel more intimate with them, as if we were somehow giving them a part of our 'selfness', connecting them to us. The images aim to challenge the viewer, both on a purely visual basis and in terms of the interpretation of written thoughts, to see more than just faces within these images.

The choice of having people's eyes closed is meant to create an empathic bond between the individual portrayed and the viewer. The closed eyes not only convey pensiveness and absorption in thought but also a feeling of intimacy: we are seldom at ease with our eyes closed in another's presence, unless we trust them. When viewing the images after having read the thought the individual had in mind when photographed, something about their facial expression and even their facial traits changes radically: we feel closer to them and who they are.